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How To Wear Tan Brogues


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In this short article we take a look at how to wear tan brogues, as seen on the likes of David Beckham, Daniel Craig, Tom Hiddleston and other style icons.

What are Brogues?

If you're not quite sure what brogues are then you might want to read our article on Brogue Shoe Styles. They're one of our favourite designs - in fact we carry over 30 different brogues in our online shop. And out of all the colours, we love tan the most - because it's versatile and get's richer with age.

Who's Wearing Tan Brogues?

All the dapper chaps mentioned below are featured in this mood board ...

How To Wear Tan Brogues

David Beckham

Three-piece grey suit with Oxford style, long toe brogues. 

Daniel Craig

Turned up blue jeans with Derby style brogues.

James Marsden

Brown Harris Tweed Suit with dark tan Oxford brogues.

Patrick Dempsey

Single-breast grey suit with dark tan, high shine brogues

Zachary Quinto

Purple suit with an Oxford style tan full brogue

Matthew McConaughey

Black suit with Oxford style brogues that look very similar to Zachary Quinto's

David Gandy

Slim cut two piece blue suit with Derby style tan wingtips

Jeremy Piven

Classic two piece blue suit with round toe brogues

Tom Hiddleston

Grey double-breasted suit with Prince of Wales check and pointed toe brogues


Tan Brogues With Jeans

You might have noticed that most of the guys in our mood board are wearing suits. If you're thinking of wearing jeans then you'll want to read our article Tan Brogues With Jeans

Look After Them

Look after your shoes and they'll look after you. Give them time to rest between wears and polish them properly to get the most out of them. Download our excellent free guide on How To Polish Tan Leather shoes ...

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